Rasmus Rasmussen, Founder

Rasmus Rasmussen, Founder

Rasmussen Iron Works, Inc., known as Rasmussen Gas Logs & Grills, is a five generation family business, founded in 1907 by Rasmus Rasmussen, a Danish immigrant who opened his blacksmith shop in Whittier, California, where we continue to conduct business today. Among other items, Rasmus and his son, Ted Sr., made fireplace tool sets and fireplace screens.  In the early 1950s we opened a fireplace retail store in front of our manufacturing shop and among the products we sold were gas log sets.

In 1958 Ted Rasmussen jr., our current president, created the sand pan gas log burner.  Prior to this development, a gas log burner was merely a pipe with holes drilled in it that provided a very harsh, noisy jet of flame. However, the pan burner, which is filled with a graded sand, more evenly distributes the gas, quiets down the gas flow noise and creates a wood-like yellow dancing flame. Over the years this original design has been copied and modified by Rasmussen and competitors alike, and is overwhelmingly the burner design sold in gas log sets to this day.

Rasmussen offers standard vented sets from 12- to 96-inches in a variety of burner styles, and can provide custom arrangements for large and unusual fireplaces.  www.rasmussen.biz

In 1994, Rasmussen introduced the Chillbuster line of vent-free gas log heaters, and later introduced CoalFire vent-free heaters for small coal burning and Victorian fireplaces.

In 2000, Rasmussen introduced Solaire Infrared Grills line of gas grill, and has expanded the line to provide a complete offering of grills and accessories to furnish the outdoor room, as well as portable grills so that you can take the high heat and great taste that infrared imparts with you on the road.

In 2011, Rasmussen became the US distributor for Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters, which offer state-of-the-art heater with unmatched contemporary styling.

Rasmussen has participated in the development of many product standards and has taken a leadership role in several regulatory matters, such as the DOE challenge to the viability of vented gas log sets.

Rasmussen continues with the Spirit of the Blacksmith in all that we make and do.

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How did we get here? What is the basis for the US Department of Energy's assault on gas logs? Here is the background information ...


The Threat

The US Department of Energy Proposed Rule would harm the market for gas logs, and severely limit consumer choice ...



We're fighting for the survival of vented gas logs against the US Government, and we need all the help we can get. Here is what you can do to help save gas logs ...


Fallacy of ‘”Decorative” 9000 BTU

900 btu

With the stroke of a pen, the US Department of Energy declared that (as of July 1, 2011), a gas log set must not consume more that 9000 BTU/hour to be termed "decorative". If it consumes more gas than that, it must meet efficiency ratings for which no testing methodogy exists. Watch this video where Rett Rasmussen illustrates the fallacy of 9000 BTU/Hour being "decorative."

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