We’re fighting against the US Government, and we need all the help we can get.  Here is what you can do to help save gas logs:

1) Submit your comments to the DOE on how their proposed rule will personally affect your gas log sales, your business, your ability to employ more workers, impact on consumer choices and any thoughts you have on the over-reach and over-regulation by our government.  The deadline is April 10, 2015. See guidance for submitting comments.

2) Contact your U.S. Representative. Provide them with your comments submitted to DOE. Impact on jobs, decreasing competition and reducing consumer choices are always of interest to Representatives.

3) Please buy Rasmussen products.  We have spent and continue to expend a great deal of both time and monetary resources on threats to our industry, such as this one by the DOE.  Your best expression of gratitude is to purchase our Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs, Chillbuster Vent-free gas logs, Alterna Contemporary Gas Fires, Solaire Infrared Grills, and Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters.

4) Pay your dues.  If you are a member of HPBA, please ensure that you are paid up with them.  If you are not a member of HPBA, please join.  It is during threats from government and other regulators that HPBA does its finest work for the industry.  They have, along with a few companies like Rasmussen, expended a tremendous amount of money in legal fees and staff time on fighting this threat to the industry that they represent.  This is what HPBA does best, but the DOE challenge represents costs beyond their budget.  Your being a member in good standing helps them continue their good work on your behalf.

5) Contribute money to HPBA, earmarked for the “DOE Challenge.”  Contact HPBA for information on donating.


thomas miller 06-09-2011, 14:20

Until now I was going to expand my business to include fireplaces and gas logs. I am concerned that I will not be able to do so even though there is a big demand for this product in my market. Was there a mention of a huge safety risk? If so, I did not read that. I do not want the goverenment to decide what we can do to heat, decorate or cook on. Next it will be the barbecue If they have discovered a safety issue, show it so we will fix it and go on. I don’t think they can. Thank you you for reading this. I hope they reconsider and leave AMERICANS ALONE.

admin 06-09-2011, 17:37

Thomas: The Rule would not go into effect until July 1, 2014, if it is not changed or stopped. This is all about energy conservation – safety has not been an issue, although DOE is creating potential safety hazards in eliminating standing pilots. Besides keeping down spider webs that can block orifices and reducing humidity that could damage components, the heat from the pilot can provide just enough heat to promote good draw from the fchimney flue system, especially in colder climates. The government is setting the industry up for a “fix one, create two more problems” scenario.

Thank you fro your support. Please submit your comments to DOE so your expertise is a part of the record.

David Allen 06-09-2011, 15:43


I have contacted my local House of Rep. He is Bobby Schilling. He is a friend that I worked to get elected a little over a year ago which makes him one of the S.O.B. according to Jim Hoffa.

Business has been pretty dead all summer. It has suddenly dropped to 50 degrees this AM so I am hoping people will put fireplaces and gas logs back in their minds again. Building is almost non-existent here.

admin 06-09-2011, 17:42

Dave: Restricting consumer choice and tripling the cost of a vented gas log set would certainly not help your sales, would they?

It’s hard to take that we are fighting our government. I hope Rep. Shilling will be a voice for reason in our struggle against unwarranted regulation and restrictions from DOE. Thanks for your support.

Rett Rasmussen 06-09-2011, 18:02

This is a test sent from “Action”. I will reply and approve, and look for an email in my inbox

admin 06-09-2011, 18:22

test reply

Trina MacKenzie 08-09-2011, 18:37

Most North Americans go to work, work hard, raise their children and pay their taxes. Since the dawn of time fire has been a mans best friend. We use it for cooking, keeping warm and in the last few decades a form of therapy and relaxation. So once again the average working person is being robbed of their simple pleasures in life. Why don’t they target those big ridiculous boats sitting in the marine that are owned by the elite. There is a total waste of energy. I could go on. The only ones that are going to suffer with this is the business owners, and the average consumer whom’s choice is going to be take away. In the economic times we are in, is it the time to target small business and do more damage than is already done. Doing this will cause more stimulus packages being spent on putting these people back to work. And with 1 job for every 5 looking for employment that’s a bleak prospect. I for one will be one of those looking for employment. I am sure the politicians and their friends wouldn’t want their pleasures taken from them.

Peter Dines 23-09-2011, 22:09

I have contacted my Representative, Diana Degette. I am not expecting her to do much but maybe she will surprise me. Keep up the good fight. In the words of Ben Franklin, “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

admin 26-09-2011, 21:42


Thank you for your efforts and support. In the words of Admiral Bull Halsey, “Hit hard, hit fast, hit often.”


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We're fighting for the survival of vented gas logs against the US Government, and we need all the help we can get. Here is what you can do to help save gas logs ...


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